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Rado Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic, the avant-garde juggernaut of watches

The Rado Captain Cook line gives rise to the unstoppable Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic watch.

Jul 23, 2021 | By World of Watches

Reinvention is the theme for Rado and its storied Captain Cook lineup as 2021 proves to the year for the brand to reveal an unprecedented and revolutionary watch for the said collection. The introduction to the new Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic is necessary especially in the world of horology and style as it is the culmination of years of research and development alongside the natural evolution of the Captain Cook collection.

The Rado Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic is a watch fully imbued and endowed with Rado’s DNA in its purest and most distilled form. The timepiece showcases many of Rado most famous and applauded advancements including Rado’s innovative scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic high-tech ceramic in its monobloc case construction and the premium highly accurate Rado calibre R734 featuring a NivachronTM hairspring powering the watch.


“In 2017, the iconic look was re- launched and hit the nerve of time with the renewed worldwide interest in vintage-style diving watches. As the Master of Materials, we did not stop there but continued to develop the product with the launch of the 42 mm steel version in 2019, and the re-interpretation in Bronze in 2020. It is therefore a logical next step to produce this very iconic timepiece in high-tech ceramic, which perfectly combines the Rado past with the present. It is pure Rado DNA.“

– Adrian Bosshard, Rado CEO.


Coming in for the first time with a more prominent case diameter of 43mm, the Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic is presented in four attractive versions. The first version (Ref. R32127152) comes in black high-tech ceramic case and bracelet with a hardened steel turning bezel and black high-tech ceramic insert for a monochromatic outlook. Next (Ref. R32127156) is a version with the same case and dial. Here, a rubber strap is attached instead of the bracelet to offer a more casual look. The third version (Ref. R32127162) also arrives in a similar black high-tech ceramic case and bracelet. However, in this case, contrasting rose gold coloured PVD coats the steel turning bezel and black high-tech ceramic insert. Last but not least, the fourth model (Ref. R32128202), stands out with its distinct plasma high-tech ceramic case and bracelet. Blue high-tech ceramic is expertly inserted into the hardened steel bezel.

All versions of the High-Tech Ceramic come powered by the finely finished Rado calibre R734. It impressively provides up to an impressive 80 hours of power reserve for the watch. The monobloc case of the watch ensures a reliable and practical 300m of water resistance. The outstanding façade of the dial and case back is due to the black-tinted sapphire crystal on both sides. It provides the wearer with a secret up-close view of the skeletonized movement without interfering with the legibility of the watch. The stunning dial also acts as the perfect platform to house the iconic Rado rotating anchor at the 12 o’clock position. Key accent elements of the watch such as the triangle on the bezel, the indexes, and the classic Captain Cook arrow hands fitted on the dial are painted with bold white Super-LumiNova® providing clear visibility in low light. A final layer of protection for the dial is the perfectly transparent and robust chevé box sapphire crystal.


To achieve a high level of accuracy in timekeeping, a five-position adjustment process is employed for each mechanical watch. It is a very time-consuming and technically complex operation and as such, this level of quality control and standard is normally only offered by brands in the luxury segment, including Rado. This is as opposed to the more typical and cost-effective three-position adjustment. What is the five-position adjustment? The position of a watch determines how strongly gravitational pull influences the moving components of a mechanical movement.

The accuracy of a watch movement will therefore vary depending on the position of the watch due to the wearer’s movements. With that in mind, there is a need to adjust a watch in more than just one or three positions. It is due to the fact that a watch that is adjusted in a certain position may show completely different accuracy values in another position. That said, the more positions a watch is adjusted in, the more precise it is during everyday use.

The five-position adjustment is executed in these positions:


Apart from the five positions of adjustment, to further bolster the accuracy and capabilities of the High-Tech Ceramic, the special alloy NivachronTM has been employed in the construction of the watch’s balance springs. NivachronTM is an innovative titanium-based alloy first developed with the involvement of the Swatch Group specifically for such purposes.

Magnetism wreaks havoc onto mechanical watches when the steel components in the watch movement becomes magnetized by a nearby magnetic source and this renders the watch to tell time either much too fast or too slow. Magnetic fields are very present in our surroundings from items such as smartphones, computers, televisions and refrigerators to even magnetic closures on handbags or jewellery. A balance spring made from NivachronTM enables the effects of a magnetic field on the accuracy of a mechanical watch movement to be significantly reduced and helps minimize the need for a Rado service centre to demagnetize the watch under such circumstances.

The key features of NivachronTM are that balance springs made with it are much reduced in sensitivity to the effects of a magnetic field, extremely resistant to fluctuations in temperature and shock as well as significant improvement in timekeeping. When all comes into play, Rado’s calibre R734 is proudly able to boast greater accuracy of the movement thanks to the combination of the five-position adjustment and NivachronTM.

This means that the Rado Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic watch also enjoys a high level of magnetic field resistance and can run for 80 hours when fully wound. The new Captain Cook in High-Tech Ceramic is truly a wonder of engineering from the inside and out. Emanating Rado’s DNA in the mastery of materials and avant-garde watchmaking, this is the dawn of a mechanical masterpiece that has to be experienced first-hand.

As a bonus, let us enjoy Li Edelkoort’s sense of style and trend which are exhibited in her interpretation of Rado’s beautiful watches as seen on the rough coasts of Normandy, France. as Abbe Marie, and even studied with the scientifically inclined cleric.

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