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Luxury Italian Leather Briefcases for Men from Von Baer

Sep 08, 2023 / Style & Beauty

From sleek briefcases for the corporate gentleman to smart laptop bags for the working man on the go, Von Baer has your everyday essentials

Luxury’s Salute to The Art of Shoemaking 

Sep 07, 2023 / Style & Beauty

Two Houses of Prada come together in a traditional-meets-contemporary Fall/ Winter collection centring the timeless English brogue and a legacy of craftsmanship.

The Fashion Evolution(s) of 2023

Sep 06, 2023 / Style & Beauty

From 90s supermodels to acquisitions and noteworthy collaborations, the fashion industry proves why the only constant is change

Barbie, Camp and Luxury: How A Culture of Subversion Is at the Forefront of Luxury Fashion 

Jul 12, 2023 / Style & Beauty

Tracing how elements of camp have made their way into luxury fashion and continue to push the boundaries of what constitutes beauty.

Retail Therapy As A Form Of Relaxation 

Jun 28, 2023 / Style & Beauty

The resurgence of physical stores provides a holistic experience for customers from skincare to exhibitions, here’s how the role of shopping has shifted to meet the meticulous needs of every customer.

Balenciaga Spring 2024 Is a Quotidian Expression of Demna’s Desire To Dress

Jun 08, 2023 / Style & Beauty

Balenciaga’s Spring 2024 collection is an enquiry on the state of quotidian dressing, placing the Maison at the epicentre of circadian rhythms in the worlds of fashion and beyond.

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