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Style Tips for Cold Weather

Here are some stylish tips on how to dress for colder weather without jeopardising on fashion and utilising chic layered pieces

Oct 10, 2023 | By LUXUO

As winter begins to set in, staying warm and looking stylish can start to feel like polar opposites. Depending on what the weather brings, you might be able to step out of the door one day looking chic and stylish, while on other days it can seem like your only option is to bundle up in as many layers as possible.

You can still dress for colder climates without looking like an overdressed snowman. Besides having a good quality umbrella (ideally windproof) and checking the forecast before you head out, there are several ways to stay warm without compromising on style.

Invest in a Cosy Sweater

If the climate is especially frosty where you live, it’s likely that you’ll already have several sweaters on rotation throughout the season. Having a variety of go-with-everything colors (like the cashmere collection from Quince) makes getting dressed much easier, even on those dark winter mornings. If it tends to be warmer where you are, but you still want to lean into sweater-weather season), a lightweight wool such as merino is ideal. 

Layer Up

While the advice in cold weather is to dress in layers, this doesn’t necessarily equate to looking frumpy. The key to layering is to go from the thinnest to thickest fabric: starting with a good base layer (thermals can be especially helpful when it’s really cold), add midweight layers over the top, and finish with your chosen jacket or winter coat on top. Paying attention to hemlines (a skirt that doesn’t peek out of the bottom of your coat) is also key.

If the Hat Fits

Choose a style of hat that suits your face shape. While oval faces can wear pretty much any style, other face types look best in hats with contrasting features to their face shape: for example if you have a longer, narrow face, opt for something with a shallow crown and more width, such as a beret or a wide-brimmed hat. 

Short and Sweet

While leggier types may be able to get away with long length pants in winter, it’s not always feasible. Having soggy hemlines that drag on the floor is never a good look – so come winter, you may want to consider packing away those maxi length skirts in favor of something a little shorter. The added bonus of cropping your pants and skirts to at least ankle level is so that you can show off your winter footwear.

Winterproof Boots 

On the topic of footwear, there will be days that call for something a little more substantial. The key components for the perfect winter boot are a waterproof fabric and a rugged sole: for wintry weather, a pair of rubber or snow boots earns style points when worn with a pair of jeans and fluffy jacket, or if you want something smarter, a classic Chelsea boot looks great with any outfit.


Choose scarves and gloves that complement the rest of your wardrobe. In addition to having a choice of coats, having a variety of winter accessory options is a great way to add little changes to your outfit that make a big difference.

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