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The Rise of Asian Ambassadors

Apr 07, 2021 / Arts, Culture & Lifestyle

Asia is on the rise, no doubts about it, and luxury brands are banking on this rise to garner greater attention to their brands through appointing more Asians to be their ambassadors.

The Louvre's Online Art Collection

Mar 31, 2021 / Arts, Culture & Lifestyle

With a wifi-enabled device, you can now have free access to the Louvre’s entire art collection as well as any information on the pieces gleaned from extensive research.

Jean-Michel Basquiat's Warrior

Feb 24, 2021 / Arts, Culture & Lifestyle

Jean-Michel Basquiat’s iconic painting, Warrior, is set to be sold in Hong Kong and is predicted to be Asia’s most expensive piece of Western Art.

Nuances Between Japanese And Western Whisk(e)y

Feb 04, 2021 / Arts, Culture & Lifestyle

Here, we will highlight some of the general nuances between each of the world’s main whisk(e)y producers and take a look at what the Japanese do differently, adding onto the world’s whisky market.

25th Asian Television Awards Ceremony

Jan 05, 2021 / Arts, Culture & Lifestyle

Adhering to safety measures, the 25th Asian Television Awards Ceremony will be presented with a brand new image digitally.

Boys of Volta

Dec 24, 2020 / Arts, Culture & Lifestyle

“Telling stories of culture and populations not often seen around the world is my greatest desire in photography. My hope is that viewers begin to ask new questions and have new perspectives.” – Jeremy Snell

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