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NFTs Are Making Waves in Luxury Brands’ Marketing Strategy

Jul 05, 2022 / Arts, Culture & Lifestyle

Luxury brands seek to present fashion in every form possible such and NFTs represent a new way of conceptualising fashion’s role.

LVMH’s Strategy in Asia is a Multi-Pronged Approach

Jul 04, 2022 / Arts, Culture & Lifestyle

Despite the potential of Asia as a major market for the conglomerate, LVMH is not putting all of its eggs in a single basket.

Serena Williams: Builds Her Wealth On And Off Court

Jul 01, 2022 / Arts, Culture & Lifestyle

Generally speaking, to make millions from sport, you still need to be male but Serena Williams breaks all the stereotypes to be in a league of her own.

Billionaires Shift to New Asset Classes as Digital Assets Shrink

Jul 01, 2022 / Arts, Culture & Lifestyle

As the cryptocurrency market goes into a decline, jewellery investments becomes a new way to improve your portfolio.

The 8 Best Rooftop Bars To Catch the Summer Sunset

Jul 01, 2022 / Arts, Culture & Lifestyle

From Paris to Dubai, these rooftop bars are worth a trip across the world.

Art & Music: Artist BODHI Finds Comfort in Merging Both Mediums

Jul 01, 2022 / Arts, Culture & Lifestyle

One doesn’t need to fully understand an artwork but let the colours and emotions do the footwork of eliciting a response.

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