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Designing For The Future — Circularity Mission

Sep 21, 2022 / Properties, Tech & Motoring

An interesting insight into how different design industries are taking a firm stance on adopting the circularity mission when it comes to designing eco-conscious products and spaces.

Top Luxury Electric Cars in 2022

Aug 25, 2022 / Properties, Tech & Motoring

From the Tesla Model S Plaid to Mercedes-Benz EQS, these are the top luxury electric vehicles right now.

Ten Years of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse — The World’s Fastest Roadster

Aug 15, 2022 / Properties, Tech & Motoring

Bugatti unveiled the Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse. Soon after, the roadster broke the speed record for open-top vehicles – and holds it to this day.

Taking These Steps Will Make Your Living Room Look a Bit More Luxurious

Aug 11, 2022 / Properties, Tech & Motoring

From setting up the perfect lighting to choosing a statement art piece, elevating your living room takes time, and careful consideration.

Waterfront Projects To Benefit Cities Economically and Ecologically

Aug 09, 2022 / Properties, Tech & Motoring

Explore some of the upcoming waterfront projects that marry eco-living and livability while promoting the economies of cities.

Editor’s Travels: Three Days, Two Nights – Four Seasons Hotel Milano

Aug 05, 2022 / Properties, Tech & Motoring

Housed within Milan’s most fashionable district, the Four Seasons Hotel Milano is a comfortable, secret sanctuary, walking distance to city’s sights

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