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Merdeka 60 Gifts: Montblanc Commemorative Edition Timepiece & Stationery Set

Montblanc’s 4810 ExoTourbillon Slim Malaysia 60 Edition and fine stationery pays tribute to the cultural diversity and heritage of Malaysians.

Aug 22, 2017 | By

Meticulously hand-crafted with a painted mini map of Malaysia housed in a 42MM rose gold case, the Montblanc 4810 ExoTourbillon Slim Malaysia 60 Edition is a highly-limited collectible, with only 6 pieces available for the occasion. The lucky owners who manage to get their hands it will enjoy having a timepiece with a truly distinctive, one-of-a-kind face, due to variations in the hand-painting process. Flip it over to admire the Calibre MB 29.24 movement, with the debut of a Côtes de Genève en Eventail patterned micro-rotor.

Around the time of MH370’s disappearance, it seems like Malaysians have had to sit through a deluge of one bad incident after the other since then. If you know someone in need of cheering up, present them with something like the Montblanc Malaysia 60 Fine Stationery, a saffiano leather bound notebook to keep on their work desk, to remind them of the great things this nation is known for. Available in red, blue and yellow, key colours of the Malaysian flag, the inside of the front cover features iconic images instantly recognised by any true blue citizen.

Be uplifted by the sight of  the Sultan Abdul Samad building, the Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur Tower and Tunku Abdul Rahman triumphantly declaring independence — because if you don’t embrace the identity you were blessed with, you’ll be hard pressed to find any other place in the world in which to live happily ever after.




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