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Malaysia Artist Chok Yue Zan Returns with “Throughout” Art Exhibition

The 2017 UOB Painting winner explores nature’s transitory nature where he hopes to bring out emotions of joy and sorrow.

Sep 21, 2022 | By LUXUO

Malaysian artist Chok Yue Zan is back with another solo exhibition with Art Porters, titled “Throughout”, the art showcase centres on the idea of nature’s transitory nature. This idea is reflected in the array of artworks that Chok has painted. One would be able to view a “remarkable collection of mystical and ethereal paintings, reminiscent of lush greenery and littoral landscapes”.

Since the start of his career, Chok has made landscapes of forests and oceans his forte. His admiration for nature stemmed from his upbringing in Borneo, Sabah. From an early age and growing up under the care of his grandparents, the artist enjoyed being outdoors and affectionately calls the place “paradise”. Chok recalls his time being filled with “happiness and joyful moments”, and he tries to encapsulate this in his artworks.

However, in this series of paintings for “Throughout”, Chok recalls the images he has in mind from his younger days at the different stages and transposes it through different colours. Each piece illustrates a different story that harkens back to his life experience at that particular time and its links to his memories. To him, memories are how people’s original stories are spun and each experience is unique. Through art as the medium of expression, Chok welcomes viewers to learn more about him albeit in a more abstract way — colours, styles and even brush strokes.

Just like how life is filled with a myriad of different emotions, the exhibition is what the artist calls a “voyage full of joy and sorrow, reminiscing life and death.” Chok’s raw emotions are on full display through his body of works and he invites viewers to join him in this retrospective journey. 

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