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Price of Oculus Rift Drops by Half for Six Weeks

Facebook-owned virtual reality company Oculus is knocking 50 percent off the price of its virtual reality headset, the Oculus Rift, with a six-week cut to RM1,715.

Jul 12, 2017 | By AFP Relaxnews

For six weeks, beginning July 10, fans can get the virtual reality headset for half the regular retail price.

A six-week price drop that extends well into August 2017 makes the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset available for USD399, a 50 percent reduction on its 2016 launch price.

Announced the morning of July 10, the Rift sale is to last 6 weeks, according to Oculus VP Jason Rubin.

The basic Rift package includes two wireless Oculus Touch controllers and an Xbox One gamepad.

Though it launched in March 2016 at USD599, the lower fidelity PlayStation VR debuted in October 2016 at USD399 and by June 2017 had soared to 1 million unit sales.

“USD399 seems to be a magical price point and it seemed like the right price for something like this,” Rubin told UploadVR.

The price-match also represents a helping hand for some owners of reasonably recent PCs, who could look to reach Oculus specifications by upgrading a few key components at around the cost of a USD399 PlayStation 4 Pro.

Not long after the sale finishes, the firm will host its annual Oculus Connect conference, OC4, which runs October 11-12.

Whether Oculus will use the occasion to provide insights into plans for an Oculus Rift 2 is not yet known.

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