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G-Shock Creates Their Latest MRG-B2000SG With Traditional Samurai Crafts

G-Shock’s MRG-B2000SG infuses crafts related to the traditional kabuto helmet into the highly modern MR-G series of watches.

Mar 26, 2024 | By Daniel Goh

Celebrating G-Shock’s deep connection with Japanese culture, Casio turned to the country’s history, more than 400 years in the past, resurrecting the soul of the Samurai to influence the creation of the brand new MRGB2000SG. This fantastic watch was designed alongside the creation of the Shougeki-Maru: Gai, a unique kabuto helmet made by two of Japan’s nationally acclaimed artisans – Kobayashi Masao and Suzukine Yuzan – especially to celebrate the MR-G series.

Transferring all the intricacies of the helmet onto the watch was no easy feat. However, Casio managed to accomplish this through a number of highly unique design characteristics. The first and most discernible of which is the outer bezel of the watch. Here, the master metalsmith, Kobayashi Masao, chiselled indentations onto the metal bezel, creating a unique rock-grain relief pattern. Additionally, the ferocious tiger found on the maedate crest on the helmet is also hand-engraved onto the bezel.

The case of this extravagant watch is crafted using ionised titanium making the watch incredibly light despite its size. Additionally, the case is also finished with a deep-layer hardening process which increases its scratch resistance while also revealing a unique crystalline pattern that encapsulates the entirety of the watch. The white Dura Soft band was chosen to reflect the white ito odoshi (overlaying plates of armour bound together with white string) of the Shougeki-Maru: Gai. This strap, made with soft fluor rubber is flexible on the wrist and has excellent durability and stain resistance.

The MRG-B2000SG also represents a confluence where craftsmanship meets technology. Despite all the oldworld techniques utilised on its exterior, the internal electronic movement of the watch offers a host of new-world technologies. First, the watch is powered by the sun, through Casio’s Tough Solar system. Then, the watch is also capable of calibrating its timekeeping in a myriad of ways. It receives radio signals periodically throughout the day to synchronise the time and also it can be adjusted through a Bluetooth connection with a smartphone. In terms of functionality, the watch offers a dualtime configuration with the ability to adjust for 27 different time zones and for those who might travel to seasonal countries, it can even automatically adjust for daylight savings time.

The MRG-B2000SG is a limited edition of only 700 pieces worldwide, with only five units in Malaysia. It is available at the G-Shock stores in Lalaport and IOI City Mall Putrajaya at a retail price of MYR 30,995.

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