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5 show-stopping moments of Alexander McQueen’s career

We have picked 5 iconic moments from Alexander McQueen’s fashion shows in celebration of his upcoming documentary.

May 31, 2018 | By


The wait is almost over as U.K. will be the first country to view Alexander McQueen’s documentary on 8th June.

Set to show in the Picturehouse Central in London on 8th June 2018, the Alexander McQueen’s film, titled “McQueen”, had the fashion world to rave about.

The film will delve into the life and career of Alexander McQueen with the exclusive interviews with his closest friends, footage of fashion shows, portray of his beginning career, his appointment on Givenchy and others.

According to Variety, Embankment Films, a film financing company had close deals with film distributors in Germany, Switzerland, Benelux, Japan, Australia and Scandinavia. That means the countries mentioned probably have the chance to view the movie, besides U.S. and U.K.


While we are waiting for the release of the movie, let’s us refresh 5 iconic moments from Alexander McQueen’s illustrious career.


Robotic spray from Spring 1999 fashion show

Dubbed the No.13, the Spring 1999 show was his thirteenth collection and one of the most memorable shows he has ever created.

At the end of the show, supermodel Shalom Harlow was seen standing on a revolving wooden platform wearing a white strapless dress with a tulle underlay and fastened by a belt. She twirled her body slowly as she confronted by two moving robots.

The most unforgettable moment was when she was sprayed with paint by the robots leaving her dress spattered in colours. Highlighting the concept of Arts and Crafts movement, the show was definitely something new that you have never seen back then.


The hologram of Kate Moss on Autumn 2006 fashion show

Paying tribute to his Scottish background and re-imagining the creation of his “Highland Rape” Autumn 1995 fashion show, the collection was imbued by the Scottish fantasy heroines.

On the fashion show, the models wore extravagant hairdresser strutted around the giant pyramid.

During the finale, the lights dimmed and a spirit like visual appeared inside the pyramid. It was Kate Moss, who wore an ethereal gown, floating inside the pyramid via hologram projection. Nothing could describe it but hauntingly beautiful.


You can read an exclusive interview with the directors of McQueen here.


The Armadillo boots from Spring 2010 collection

One of the final collections helmed by the late British fashion master, Alexander McQueen did not disappoint us as usual.

This fashion show steered clear of his usual mind-blowing concepts for the presentation of clothes; rather he focused on a way to make his fashion accessible by the public.

Enabling live-streaming for the first time, the fashion show started with a recorded video of a naked model laying on the sand was writhing her body while being covered with snakes. Then two gigantic cameras leaned towards the audiences to get a close-up shot and returned to the runway to project the catwalk.

Above all, the real standout from the fashion show was the footwear. Two striking creations, the Armadillo boot and Alien shoe stole the attention of everyone on and off the runway.


Ring of fire at the Autumn 1998 fashion show

Alexander McQueen would never let us bored for a second in his shows, even it was back in the ’90s.

Following 1997’s concept of water fashion show, he turned to the idea of fire in 1998, delivering a show rife with darkness and anger.

At the end of the show, the closing model donned in red fringed dress stood at the middle of the runway where a ring of fire shot up and surrounded her while she struck eccentric poses.

The collection as well as the closing act were the reference to the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots, murdered Romanov children and Joan of Arc – all under the themes of martyrdom and persecution associated with blood and violence.


The naked girl from Spring 2001 Voss show

Alexander McQueen did it again with his breathtaking Spring 2001 collection.

Celebrating nature and dubbed “Voss”, – the name of a Norwegian town renowned as a wildlife habitat – some of the pieces from the collection were constructed razor-clam, mussel and oyster shells and the entire show manifested madness and incarceration.

Looking back at the fashion show, the show was presented in an enormous glass box, which resembled a padded cell in a psychiatric hospital.

The entire show was astonishing especially the unpredictable ending – the glass box shattered to reveal the naked fetish writer Michelle Olley.


Watch the trailer of Alexander McQueen’s documentary below

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