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Royal Salute unveils its latest 21-year-old Snow Polo Whiskey

In celebration of an exhilarating sport, Royal Salute and Ambassador Malcolm Borwick craft their latest limited edition 21-year-old Snow Polo Whiskey.

Jan 03, 2020 | By Luxuo Malaysia

The kings of whiskey are back, with ties to the British Royal Family, Royal Salute is revered internationally for its ultra-luxurious whiskey offerings. Launched in June 1953, the Pernod Ricard-owned brand was established in honour of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation.

While all its whiskies are aged for a minimum of 21 years, Royal Salute introduced its latest: the 21-year-old Snow Polo Edition this past November, in celebration of the exhilarating sport.

Royal Salute unveils its latest 21-year-old Snow Polo Whiskey

The first-ever blended grain to emerge from the Strathisla distillery in Scotland, Speyside, follows a long lineup of other limited edition 21-year-old polo blended scotch whiskies, some of which were released in turquoise and green-coloured ceramic flagons throughout 2018.

Master Blender, Sandy Hyslop

Developed by master blender, Sandy Hyslop, in collaboration with Royal Salute’s World Polo Ambassador, Malcolm Borwick, the latest Snow Polo edition is expected to incorporate markedly sweet flavours complemented by the creamy indulgence of rich texture, plus toffee, honey and vanilla overtones.

Royal Salute’s World Polo Ambassador, Malcolm Borwick

As one of the world’s best polo athletes and an accustomed whiskey connoisseur, Malcolm Borwick’s involvement in the creation of the whiskey is more than in name, spending innumerable hours in the distilleries, his hands-on knowledge of the business and its products is highly extensive.

With Borwick’s signature prominently featured on the bottle, the 21-year-old Snow Polo Edition aims to reflect the atmosphere and altitude of the game, through subtle hints such as the 46.5% alcohol by volume content which reference the latitude coordinates of St. Moritz (where the fast-paced sport originates from) and in the design of a hand-crafted, pure white ceramic flagon, which represent a snowy climate.

The Royal Salute 21-year-old Snow Polo Edition is currently available worldwide online and at select luxury boutiques for estimated £120 for 70cl (or 700ml).

By Julia Roxan


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