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Jose Jeuland Documents Life On The Roof of The World

Jose Jeuland expresses a deep sense of humble appreciation for the hardworking Tibetan community, through a documentary photography book.

Oct 13, 2020 | By Luxuo Malaysia

Capturing community, hardship, joy and everyday life as an inhabitant on the roof of the world, Singapore-based French photographer, Jose Jeuland, publishes his very first documentary photography book. Showcasing the warmth and hospitality he was presented with on his journey through the Tibetan Autonomous Region, the book presents a compilation of emotional, and caring portraiture.

Jose Jeuland Documents Life On The Roof of The World

As a firm believer of passion, Jose Jeuland’s professional photography journey began with an appetite for documenting lesser-known cultures in the world. His social-relational skills, alongside his curious and benevolent gaze on the world, not only led him to form invaluable connections with people from diverse walks of life, but has formed the backbone of this book.

In a spur spontaneity, Jose Jeuland embarked on a 15-hour bus ride from Chengdu, China, where he met a kind lady, with a Monk for an uncle, who was curious about the purpose of his trip. The two engaged in a hearty conversation which serendipitously led him to her family home, where he sought shelter for the next eight days. With an open mind and an equally open heart, Jose explored the surrounding land, setting his sights on the free-spirited kids with cute rosy cheeks and folks who worked hard in the fields.

“People there are filled with vitality and strength amidst the harsh weather and living conditions. The place is indeed rich in its own unique culture and traditions that have been around for many generations. They lead simple lives and are devoted to their strong religious beliefs. Donning comfortable and conservative clothes, they shield themselves from the harsh weather while making a statement with their individual styles. The natives are welcoming and hospitable, making them enjoyable to be around as they make you feel comfortable as a visitor,” Jose recollects his cultural experience through the Tibetan streets.

With the launch of TIBET, Jose expresses his deep sense of humble appreciation for the hardworking Tibetan community. Utilizing his FUJIFILM GFX 50R in a digital medium format, Jose Jeuland showcases immediate clarity of their rich cultures and traditions. His book concludes with a Special Edition Analogue that reveals 12 photos taken with a vintage Flexaret IV (manufactured in 1956) medium format camera.

Currently, on the lookout for opportunities to get TIBET through the doors of bookstores, Jose Jeuland hopes to one day publicly exhibit his work in an effort to provide an immersive experience for guests to enjoy the rich diversity of humble and authentic content of Tibet. Till then, TIBET is available online in two sizes (15cm x 15cm and 21cm x 21cm).

By Julia Roxan


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