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The Chronicles of New York

Feb 07, 2020 / Arts, Culture & Lifestyle

The astonishing 53-foot high mural, is a collective portrait of individually photographed subjects from all five boroughs – dubbed the ‘Chronicles of New York’ by JR.

Celebrate Love This Valentine's Day

Feb 06, 2020 / Arts, Culture & Lifestyle

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Millésima dedicates a meticulously curated guideline for pairing the brand’s finest wine.

Kendall Jenner is back for Longchamp

Feb 04, 2020 / Arts, Culture & Lifestyle

  Last September at Hearst Plaza, Longchamp presented its Spring/Summer 2020 collection, a whimsical explosion of mellow colours and airy silhouettes inspired by Judy Chicago’s fireworks and smoke in the desert. To recreate the dreamlike scenery for its coming Spring/Summer 2020 ad campaign, Longchamp sets out on a quest to the Californian desert, and through the lens […]

Speyside's Secret Distilleries Unveiled

Jan 30, 2020 / Arts, Culture & Lifestyle

Pernod Ricard is offering a Secret Speyside collection, a gathering of bottles from never again to be seen distilleries and what is expected to be the world’s rarest whiskies once sold out.

Chef Wai at The Library

Jan 03, 2020 / Arts, Culture & Lifestyle

It’s time to bid adieu to 2019 and open a new chapter in the new year. The notion of starting afresh with a clean slate is also felt at Chef Wai at The Library. Drawing from his extensive culinary experience as well as his travels, Executive Chef Wai Look Chow has put together a wholesome […]

Royal Salute introduces Snow Polo Whisky

Jan 03, 2020 / Arts, Culture & Lifestyle

In celebration of an exhilarating sport, Royal Salute and Ambassador Malcolm Borwick craft their latest limited edition 21-year-old Snow Polo Whiskey.

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