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Grand Seiko’s SBGH327 Has a Dial Inspired by Japan’s Mount Fuji When Summer Turns to Autumn

A pillar to Grand Seiko inimitable identity is its unwavering belief in the Japanese-inspired aesthetics as evidenced by their new SBGH327

Jan 08, 2024 | By World of Watches

A pillar to Grand Seiko inimitable identity is its unwavering belief in the Japanese-inspired aesthetics. Evidence is laid out on the dial of the SBGA211, endearingly dubbed the Snowflake, which bears imprint of a fresh snow dusting, or the dial of the SLGA007, which evokes the crests of waves gliding across the surface of Lake Suwa. While nature serves as an inspirational source, the manner of which Grand Seiko goes about its business transcends the trope; it is an encapsulation of Japan’s distinctive culture and tenets.

Few sceneries in Japan can rival the majesty of Mount Fuji. The iconic volcano is to Japan, what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris or the Statue of Liberty is to New York City. The importance of which can’t be understated and it has manifested in countless artworks, like The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Now, Mount Fuji has made it onto watches, referenced by Grand Seiko’s latest timepiece, the SBGH327.

The vermilion colour dominating the dial alludes to a fleeting moment when Mount Fuji transforms into the stunning Aka Fuji, or Red Fuji, where it bathes in a beautiful deep-red radiance. This natural phenomenon occurs once or twice a year, during the changing of the seasons, when summer eases into autumn, when clear air and altostratus clouds combine to reflect the fiery glow of sunrise and sunset onto the mountain. It carries with it ethnological significance, symbolising happiness and success. The Aka Fuji is thought to bring good fortune, thus bridging the gap between nature’s beauty and human aspirations.

A limited edition, the timepiece is produced to commemorate the first anniversary of Grand Seiko Asia Pacific’s establishment. Therefore, it is also the organisation’s first-ever regional exclusive timepiece, available in 168 pieces and Grand Seiko’s boutiques and authorised dealers across Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines.

The exceptional features of the watch span beyond the dial. The watch embodies Grand Seiko’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail. The Zaratsu polishing technique is employed to impart the 39.5mm stainless steel case with an exquisite sheen, while the case is fitted with a dual-curve sapphire crystal to enhance legibility. The transparent caseback invites admiration of the in-house Hi-Beat Cal. 9S85 automatic movement, with a brilliant decorative finish and a precision of +8 to -1 seconds per day with normal usage. The 36,000 vibrationper- hour frequency ranks above industry standards, with the power reserve lasting approximately 55 hours. The watch is provisioned with a stainless steel bracelet, equipped with a three-fold clasp.

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