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Blancpain Quantième Perpétuel, the new star in the game

With almost three centuries of excellence, Blancpain continues to grow as an unstoppable force in haute horlogerie and the Blancpain Quantième Perpétue is a force to be reckon with.

May 07, 2019 | By

Over the years, Blancpain has never stopped building upon the savoir-faire and capability to build marvellous timepieces that astound the world of watch collectors.

And for 2019, the star masterpiece to stun the world is the Blancpain Quantième Perpétuel, a new addition to the Villeret collection, which remains as Blancpain’s most exquisite and finely created watches that house the most sought after complications in horology.

As a boutique exclusive, the Blancpain Quantième Perpétuel (ref. 6656-3440-55B) comes in as an entrant to the esteemed Villeret collection which has already been established as one of the foremost series of dress timepieces in the Swiss watch industry.

This version has a prominent blue dial that contrasts handsomely with the luxurious platinum case of the watch. The blue dial of the watch, of course, displays the true functionalities of the watch –  the perpetual calendar mechanism that is a major complication Blancpain is well known for.

This boutique exclusive release of just 88 limited edition pieces provides accurate time, day and date tracking over the months, years and leap years so that one does not need to remember to correct these indications over the transitions of those periods.

On top of that, the watch also features indications for the moon phase. Ultimately, what the dial showcases is the ability of Blancpain’s watchmakers to create a beautiful and engaging display for all these functions via the Roman hour markers juxtaposed against the subdials that house the registers for the day, month and date.

Best of all is the whimsical smiling moon phase indicator that comes along for the ride anchoring the entire timepiece as though mirroring the smile on the face of the owner of the timepiece as he gazes upon it.

Below the dial lies the in-house Blancpain automatic calibre 5954 which powers the watch for an impressive three days. This masterful creation of haute horlogerie consists of 351 separate parts working in an intricate manner to make the entire timepiece work flawlessly.

One can view this marvel via the sapphire display case back to see it in action up close.


For more information about the Blancpain Quantième Perpétuel, visit the Blancpain Boutique KLCC or on

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