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Meet the Macallan’s US$80,000 single malt whisky

Tales of The Macallan Volume I is a nod to The Macallan pioneers and their legacy of whisky-making.

Sep 21, 2021 | By Luxuo Malaysia

tales of the macallan vol I book

The Macallan has launched Tales of The Macallan Volume I, the first in a new series of rare single malt Scotch whiskies.

The new series is a nod to The Macallan pioneers and their legacy of whisky-making, and Volume I pays homage to Captain John Grant. In 1700, Grant realised the potential of Easter Elchies Estate, which has been the home of The Macallan Distillery since 1824.

Tales of The Macallan Volume I

Crafted by Lead Whisky Maker Sarah Burgess, Tales of The Macallan Volume I is a single malt whisky distilled in 1950 and bottled in 2021. According to Burgess, the rare and exclusive whisky extends notes of wood spices, sweet wood smoke and antique oak, complemented by hints of ripe fruits and spices.

Tales of The Macallan Volume I also comes in a package that befits its distinguished status. The whisky is encased in a handcrafted crystal decanter, concealed in an Almanac book that recounts Captain John Grant’s remarkable story.

For the decanter, The Macallan collaborated with a long-standing partner and master French crystal maker Lalique. The exquisite glasswork is etched with an illustration done by renowned artist Andrew Davidson. It also features a bespoke transit stopper by artisan craftsmen J.C. Ribiero.

tales of the macallan vol I book

The book for Tales of The Macallan Volume I was created by traditional London-based bookbinders, Shepherds, Sangorski & Sutcliffe and Zaehnsdorf. The firm specialises in fine binding, restoration, and conservation of books. The Tales of The Macallan Volume I book is handcrafted with luxurious leather and 24 ct gold leaf.

As expected, Tales of The Macallan Volume I is highly limited, with only 350 decanters available worldwide. It carries a retail price of S$107,600 (US$80,147).

“Tales of The Macallan tells of remarkable individuals and an exceptional spirit, a story of The Macallan’s incredible pioneers,” Lead Whisky Maker Sarah Burgess said in a release. “Each of these people left their mark on The Macallan with their unique contribution and legacy alive in our brand’s DNA and in every drop of our whisky to this day.”

By Terence Ruis


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