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Warchitect Studio Constructs a Maze of Lush Green Courtyards at The V60 House

With uninterrupted views of what lies in the other rooms, the V60 House allows its inhabitants to feel connected, even when they’re apart.

Aug 28, 2020 | By Luxuo Malaysia

Constructing a home along the serene alleyways of Bangkok, for a couple who are airplane pilots, Warchitect studio’s concept prioritizes access to the natural environment and an abundance of fresh air. Dubbed the ‘V60 house’, the residence was strategically positioned in an area with low levels of air pollution, far from main road.

Warchitect Studio Constructs a Maze of Lush Green Courtyards at The V60 House

Occupying inherited land, the couple are at ease knowing the residence palatial outdoor area accommodates a plantation of trees and the adjacent homes are of their relatives. Spanning at least 200 square meters, the V60 house features expanded usable area, separated into three zones – the living rooms, sleeping quarters, and guest vicinity – by lush green courtyards.

With folding glass doors, the couple are not only able to experience a green view with their eyes but seamlessly interact with their environment, whilst creating a natural source of ventilation. Eliminating interior wall partitions, the concept of the V60 house requires guests to venture through each zone in its entirety, with an uninterrupted full view of what lies in the other rooms – allowing its inhabitants to feel connected with one another, even when they’re apart.

By Julia Roxan


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