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Explore Luxury Vacation Homes To Escape To And Indulge In

Discover some remarkable holiday homes catered for individuals to take a break and indulge in all its surroundings and ambiences.

Mar 11, 2020 | By Luxuo Malaysia

Essential design trends in vacation homes bring intangible value to escapism-centred destination properties.

Whether a mountain cabin or a luxury villa in the Caribbean, while everyone may have a slightly different idea of what their vacation home might look like, at the root of the aspiration is the promise of an escape from the ordinary. Not surprisingly, many design trends for vacation properties reflect the intangible qualities that go beyond the basic practical considerations of typical home designs. Luxury add-ons and unique offerings, akin to those provided at élite resorts, are all the rage and can make a property a desirable alternative to a primary home, setting it up as a unique sell above other available offerings to vacation home seekers.

Uluwatu Villa designed by SAOTA, Bali, Indonesia

Beyond the aspirational qualities, a permanent vacation destination presents an opportunity of investment with a tangible use – an asset that can provide an additional income and a personal escape alike. Treating design as an investment, vacation home design trends reach beyond the utilitarian considerations to craft luxurious and unforgettable experiences, homes built on dreams where users can immerse themselves into their versions of hedonism at their finest.

Location, Location

Vacation homes are intrinsically connected to their locations. Buyers, first and foremost, choose to buy a vacation home because they enjoy spending time at that particular destination or know others who would enjoy the same. Thus, a vacation home must offer an immersive experience that connects an owner with its context. This means designing spaces that maximise on the views of the outside scenery or blur the boundaries between the inside and the outside with transparent, open spaces that link exterior landscapes with internal settings.

Pool deck belonging to Uluwatu Villa, Bali, Indonesia

Oneness with the environment creates an irreplicable sense of luxury that capitalises on the biggest asset of a vacation home – its location. This can lend a home an unforgettable and unique character that no physical design can match. A smart design that recognises this advantage is, thus, invaluable to ensure that the selling features of the destination, whether it is the sea, the mountains, the vast openness of nature or the dense skyline of a big city, are featured as prominently as the property itself.

Indoor/outdoor area of Uluwatu Villa, Bali, Indonesia

Live Well

An aspect synonymous to the term “vacation” is that of wellness. With wellness tourism on the rise, vacation homes are not only following but also setting the trends when it comes to wellness living concepts. From heat reflexology flooring to indoor and outdoor yoga rooms, to meditation gardens, these add-on features expand the opportunities and modes of relaxation within vacation properties, with interior designers and architects creating buildings that are sanctuaries designed to promote healthy ways of unwinding.

The spacious living area, Lighthouse home by Puras Architecture in Agger, Denmark

In wellness-minded vacation homes, wellness also comes through in usage of materials and in choices made within the physical design. Local, natural, repurposed and reclaimed materials convey the sense of harmony with the surroundings, while commissioned craft elements lend a certain human tactility to a vacation home. Properties designed to maximise light and air circulation promote the basic and almost unnoticeable but integral aspects of well-being that can transform a vacation home into a wellness sanctuary.

Lighthouse home by Puras Architecture in Agger, Denmark

A Dose of Simplicity

While not immediately obvious, a vacation home offers a chance to escape not only from the mundane of the everyday but also the everyday clutter. Devoid of the unnecessary, the enjoyment of the experience itself can become a central feature, where simple décor can offer the necessities, while the unneeded extras are mindfully omitted. This simplicity can translate into the smallest details of vacation home design – everyday features like air conditioning grilles, window frames, garbage disposals can be minimised to create uninterrupted surfaces and enhance the openness and quality of a residence.

Indulge in pool time at Cheetah Plains home by ARRCC in Kruger, South Africa

Touches of Luxury

While simplicity keeps a mind clear, it is a chance to experience a bit of luxury that sets the truly unforgettable vacation properties apart from the rest. High-quality materials, add-on features and bespoke furniture go a long way to create a luxury feel in a vacation lodging.

Cheetah Plains home by ARRCC in Kruger, South Africa

Luxury hotel amenities and facilities are also making their way into the designs of vacation homes. From outdoor theatres to wine cellars, designers are bringing unique elements into residential settings, as more and more vacation property owners are influenced by five-star resort designs and want to recreate the look and feel of luxury hotels. This means a no-expense-spared approach: rare and luxurious materials, custom-made ironmongery and furniture to reflect individualistic lifestyle preferences. Going beyond the luxury hotel-inspired design, exclusivity is the key and customised solutions can drive personalised to ensure that every single feature is designed to the owner’s personal taste.

By Joe Lim


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